The Importance of Using a 3rd Party Service Provider, Specifically MCA Merchandising Consultants Associates to Execute Your Planogram Reset

October 25th, 2019

Planogram resets are a common pain point for retailers and manufacturers alike. Ensuring accuracy on shelf and guaranteeing speed to market for all new innovation, MCA makes the lives of our clients easier. Planograms are completed same day, in a shoppable environment, with no disruptions to sales.

Why Outsource Your Planogram Resets?

  • Keep Associates focused on task at hand
  • Let us do the heavy lifting
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Avoid messy torn down sections leading to disgruntled customers

Resetting shelves when a new planogram has dropped adds an overwhelming volume of work for employees when you factor in; the shelf cleaning, price placement, photography archiving, handling of discontinued SKUs and products, and all of the other peripheries that go with re-organizing your store shelves.

“A haircare department that wraps the aisle can be up to 120 square feet with copious numbers of SKUs and products to reset. Our MCA team flawlessly executes this planogram in one day.”

Many retailers simply don’t have the bandwidth to reset their own planograms within the allotted time constraints. Tying up staff for weeks as they muddle their way through complex planogram re-sets is overly time consuming and frustrating for employees, customers, and vendors. Not to mention the hit to the bottom line.

By outsourcing planogram resets to a trained team of professional merchandisers like MCA, retailers save valuable time and resources while maintaining their sales.

What is the ROI of Outsourcing the Execution of a Planogram Reset?

  • Associates stay focused on Customer Service
  • New Product innovation generates sales as soon as it hits the market
  • Cleaned and shoppable sections within hours of the reset
  • Increase to sales
  • Quick turnaround time

Why MCA is a Leader in Planogram Execution?

  • We are accountable for our work and are known for consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients whether they be the store, head office, vendors, or CPGs. MCA is committed to executing the perfect store through executional excellence.
  • We are fast. When the client sends a request for a planogram reset, MCA knows exactly how many hours and workers we need to finish the planogram on the same day. We don’t leave until the job is done. “The MCA team flips every planogram in just 1 day and ensures all aisles remain shoppable.”
  • We provide the complete package. At MCA, our team is made up of fully trained and experienced merchandisers who know everything there is to know about retail. We take care of everything, from cleaning shelves, to packing up discontinued SKUs by the vendor, to reporting and tracking.

When MCA is called in to execute a planogram reset, no matter the size, our clients know that we will exceed their expectations. Quickly! Perfectly! MCA is Simply the Best!

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