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MCA's retail audit services are a cornerstone of precision and reliability in the retail industry. We leave no stone unturned, servicing, collecting data, and accessing a remarkable 98% of North America's retail stores, alongside comprehensive webscraping of 100% of retailer websites.

For over two decades, we've been trusted retail partners for accurate and reliable pricing information, both online and within physical retail spaces. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients don't waste precious time cleaning up store audit data. Instead, they can focus on analyzing insights and making informed, actionable pricing decisions.

Through MCA Verified, our proprietary retail audit software system, we deliver accurate, timely, and comprehensive retail store pricing information to our valued clients. We recognize that having precise data from store audits at your fingertips is critical. With MCA's retail audit services, you're equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the competitive retail landscape effectively.


Beyond the numbers, our retail audit services offer actionable insights into your sales volume, stock levels, and in-store displays. They encompass the entire retail environment, guiding you in enhancing customer experience, refining merchandising strategies, and staying one step ahead in a dynamic market. MCA is your partner for more than just retail audits; we're here to help optimize your store for retail success.

Crafting a comprehensive retail audit checklist is a nuanced process that MCA executes with precision. At the core is pricing accuracy, where our checklist ensures that your products are competitively priced, aligning with market demands. Retail audit management takes center stage, meticulously evaluating stock levels to avoid overstock or shortages. We scrutinize out-of-stocks, on-shelf availability, and product facings to ensure that your products are not just displayed but given the right product placement to captivate customers.

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  • Mystery Shops
  • Mystery Customer Service
  • Data Collection
  • Retail Merchandising Audit and Compliance Check Services
  • Photo Audits

AI powered solutions for retailers and CPG

MCA on line price tracking allows retailers and CPG companies to retrieve web displayed prices to assist with day-to-day price changes. Whether you are a retailer or CPG, MCA can provide data to assist you with making key business decisions to keep your business competitive. Our tracking software comes with an easy to use portal and dashboards to help you monitor competitor prices, streamline your process, and to maximize your profits and increase your bottom line. Our AI technology serves as your one stop solution for competitive price audits and it can be integrated into our field audit price audits to provide you side by side prices both on line and in store. If you can see it, we can track it.

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MCA - Simply the best!

"For over a decade, we have partnered with MCA to extend the reach of our sales, merchandising and audit teams. Based on our overall company strategies and priorities, our sales management team works with MCA to develop account-specific strategic planning. Working as one team, our company and MCA execute plans, address any issues and capitalize on opportunities. Together, we have achieved significant results, always focusing our retail vision on continuous improvement. MCA is a strong contributor to our company and a valued business partner."

MCA - Executional Excellence

"Our long-term relationship testifies to MCA leadership and their expertise in developing strong merchandising plans and consistent, high-quality execution."

Win at Retail with MCA

"MCA has become a true partner in driving sales and the overall execution of our in-store programs. By offering accurate and valuable business insights, perfect retail execution and meticulous reporting, MCA has become a valued partner to our company."

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Enhance your retail execution strategy with MCA's practical retail audit services, a key player in optimizing various facets of your retail operations. Our detailed audit process offers valuable insights into pricing strategies, giving you the information needed to make informed decisions for improved profitability.

Partner with MCA to strategically refine your retail audit process for sustained success with a practical approach for informed business decisions.

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