How to Augment Sales with MCA

November 5th, 2019

How to Augment Sales

Driving more retail sales starts with having the perfect store. We’re talking about a perfectly compliant planograms, gold standard distribution, and strategically positioned incremental displays. We can guide consumers on their path of buying and make sure they can take the product off the shelf. The MCA team hits the mark before they leave the store. Guaranteed.

MCA’s KPIs are driven by our client’s success factors. We ensure that you reach maximum ROI when you use our services.

Our people take these key performance indicators and action them for our vendors. Our clients know that their investment in Merchandising Consulting Associates is being driven by key fundamentals that are set out in collaboration.

                                                             “What gets measured gets done!” ~ Glen Deneault, MCA Director National Sales

Strategic. Measured. Accountable.

Merchandising and creating the “Perfect Store” is an artform. One that MCA has mastered through years of experience working at store level.

Clip strips, sidewinders and other secondary displays aren’t always well executed and maintained by the store staff. The stores have their best interest in mind, while we have yours. Wherever space permits and stocked with surplus leftovers, MCA Sales Team will action to increase your brand presence. MCA’s proven tactics have strategically designed KPIs behind them, informing our decisions and pushing our teams forward to ensure that our clients increase their retail sales.

We use all of the tools, processes and procedures that we’ve honed over the years and our analysts carefully track and measure their effectiveness against firm quarterly targets so that we are able to report back to the client on everything that has been done. This level of accountability and transparency enables us to provide value, determine success rates, and identify areas of opportunities that we could continue to grow and build with our clients to drive their business forward for them.

Some of the key performance indicators that MCA measures our team against include:

  • Product display
  • Distribution
  • Position in store
  • Support of incremental pieces: Promotional activity, Event selling
  • Our sales performance
  • Sales performance on trade spending
  • Call coverage

A good fit for sales-driven teams.

Building relationships with our clients is key to our success. We care about earning and maintaining client trust. They see us as experts in the field. We are their eyes and ears at store level. We are motivated to grow through capacity building so that their in-store teams are equally inspired to reach the same gold-star standards that we hold ourselves to.

When you work with MCA, you’ll see right away that we establish clear targets, provide superior training for our teams, and have extensive processes in place to support them so that they can work hard to deliver on client expectations. MCA provides full transparency through live reporting on our targets and measurements. We work openly and collaboratively with clients to build even better programs for the next quarter so that they continue to grow their sales.

MCA’s proven track record of excellence is thanks to the resources we’ve invested in coaching and counselling our teams over the years. Our client base continues to grow because we continuously leverage the learning gained through our experience.

Our clients win at retail.

Our customers win at retail with MCA, it’s what we do.
Our goal is to out-pace, out beat, out display all of your competition so that our sales-driven retail clients know that they’re being handed the perfect store, every time.

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